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Welcome to King's Adventures!

Photo of Charles KingAdventure, an unplanned event, a chance encounter, a déjà vu experience, occurs continuously and is the essence of one's life. Often, our complaints are actually adventures disguise as a busy life obscures adventure; achievement and accomplishment outweighs significance.

Order in life is the exception, adventure the rule. Transformation occurs when a seemingly orderly life, plagued and disrupted, embraces adventure. From that point onward, life unfolds in an awe inspiring manner.

Dedicated to discerning an adventure and living it, this web site visualizes and describes everyday transcendent challenges and life experiences. Through pictures, serendipitously captured, through stories, bewilderingly entertaining, and through family history, illuminatingly present, the vicissitudes of life are exposed for appraising progress along the way.

Through sharing life's adventures in pictures and stories, perhaps others will find the unfolding created in their lives. Pictures and stories of adventures along the way are found in the following pages. The spectacular pictures are available framed and unframed; please contact me by emailing me at or calling me at 415-690-6901.


Charles King

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