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Life is filled with adventures to those unprepared for them. Each journey, no matter where, holds the potential for a notable exploit for those holding life lightly. Adventures, where you find them, become points in life filled with humor and perspective not seen by those rushing forward.

Adventure writing provides a means of sharing escapades of incredible beauty and of seriously silly events. One adventure from my short time in Germany is included on this page. Many more adventures will be added in the future. Such adventures include my seven day photo Safari to Kenya in 1992; each day a unique adventure, my days at JFK when 9/11 occurred, and purchase of my plane and its ongoing "restoration."

In September 2003, I was assigned for six months to Munich, Germany to direct IT efforts in Germany, Austria and Italy; Central Europe. The German culture is remarkably homogeneous to me and is considerably different from the "romantic" culture (France, Spain, and Italy) to provide moments of intense amusement. One story follows. While it is sometimes rough, it's message is consistently about floundering through a totally new experience. Your feedback on the story and comments on your own experience are welcomed.

Download a free copy of Adobe Reader here to view the PDF files.

Life In München

Captured on the S-Bahn is about riding public transportation and living on the edge in a tightly wound culture and living to tell the story.

S-Bahn Busted


New stories to be added will include the adventures of a seven day African Safari to Kenya in November 1992. A collection of outstanding stories form and document a journalistic experience of a lifetime.

Adding your stories to the web site is under consideration. Comments on the means of adding such stories would be most helpful.

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